“Stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doulas (SBD) provide support prior to, during and after birth in any trimester.  SBD Doulas are qualified to provide support in situations of fatal diagnosis, carrying to term, and NICU care.  SBD doulas are equally prepared to provide comprehensive support in live birth outcomes, including subsequent “rainbow” pregnancies, and can serve as a labor support in all birth situations.” -stillbirthday.com

As a bereavement doula we will draw on our knowledge and experience to provide emotional, physical, and informational support while providing you with individualized care during this sensitive time. We will also provide:

  • E-mail and phone support 24/7 throughout pregnancy
  • Help creating a sacred space (music, lighting, memories)
  • Continuous labor/delivery support
  • Assistance in navigating your bonding options
  • Postpartum follow-up support (memorial/funeral services, returning to work, self-care)
  • Resources and community referrals

Our professionals are full of grace and compassion, several have personal experiences with loss. We would like to walk with you on this journey; you don't have to navigate this path alone.

Bereavement Doula Fee:

Payment for bereavement services is not required.  We want to serve your family as an extension of our company's mission to support our community.

Orchard births make sure that the doula who serves you is given her fees to support her family, as well.  If you would like to make a contribution to the bereavement fund, please contact us.