Doula Spotlight: Jessica Baum, MA, CD(DONA)

As a stay at home mother, I don't get many questions about myself. I get questions about my kids, about my husband, about playdates, and little league. So, you can see why, when being asked to write about myself, I slightly balked. My sense of self has always been so entrenched in the lives of others that it is hard to see it through those trees.

About me? I suppose I should say that I am a mother of two boys. Rowan is a lively and smart six-year-old in first grade at our local STEM school. Sebastian is a sweet and bashful four-year-old who loves Legos and cuddles. I guess I should also say that I am a wife to John, a fantastic all-around good person and my absolute best friend. We have been together since I was 14. We met a few months into my freshman year of high school. We have been married for nine years now. My family is by far the most critical aspect of my life, but they do not define who I am as a whole. 

I am a compassionate ball of energy. I delight in the smallest of things. I fervently enjoy working on tedious and tiresome stuff with my hands. I am a passionate lover of color and brightness. I have an innate ability to see the good in everyone. I am ridiculously silly. I am a knitter, a crocheter, a crafter, a reader, a lover of quality makeup and vintage dishware.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies (applied sciences) from Texas A&M and a Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology from Ashford University. I have been inducted into two honor societies for academics.

Birth is my absolute passion in life. From the time I became pregnant with my first child I have been immersed into this world that is both amazing and terrifying. I feel a sense of awe every time I work with a pregnant or post-partum mother. I am a birth doula through DONA, and I also have my Child Passenger Safety Technician certification from SafeKids. My eventual dream is to open a birthing center in Greenville or another rural area and service mothers of lower income or other disadvantaged groups.