Instructor Spotlight: Jazmine Gutierrez, LVN

Spanish childbirth class

So, the spotlight is on me! Hello, my name is Jazmine Gutierrez, and I currently have the honor of being a stay at home mom of two little ones. I have been married for nine years to my best friend, David, who I met my senior year of High School and fell deeply in love with. He has truly been my biggest supporter through it all in life!                                 

Spanish birth

I have been an LVN (licensed vocational nurse) for eight years now. I have experienced working in pediatrics, clinical setting, with children between newborn to 18yrs of age. Then, I was led to work for our local pregnancy resource center. Little did I know, that this would be a huge season of growth for me! I performed pregnancy tests and gave support counseling to women and men who found themselves in crisis pregnancies. I was also trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound, where I was able to confirm intrauterine pregnancy, fetal viability, and gestational age. The best part of my job was gaining knowledge to educate these families about pregnancy, fetal development, and the importance of starting early prenatal care. I also taught an after-school pregnancy and early parenting class for teen moms and dads. I absolutely loved serving within my community and supporting our clients to make healthy, informed decisions. 

Pregnancy and Childbirth
First Baby

At this point in my personal life, I had just given birth via C-section to my first baby boy, Joseph. He is my little man with a big heart who loves reading books and discovering the world outdoors. Two years later, I gave birth to my princess Grace via C-section. She is my beautiful girly-girl, full of energy, who loves to have dance parties and dreams to be a ballerina one day. I have also become an advocate of breastfeeding, if at all possible. I have walked through the journey of exclusively pumping and breastfeeding both of my children and it is not easy at all, but totally worth it. I will never forget how much love, support and encouragement I had from my husband, family, friends and fellow co-workers. It really takes a village to raise these babies!

Cesarean Section

My favorite things to do would be spending quality time with my family and friends. I love my little casita. I enjoy having them over at my house and cooking good Mexican food. I also enjoy reading and writing in my spare time. I love Arts & Crafts! I also enjoy shopping and getting dressed up for no reason at all. I am a girly-girl at heart, the more glitter there is involved, the better. My friends would describe me as a friendly, approachable, family and Christ-oriented woman, with a big heart. 

C-section Baby
Bilingual Birth Worker Doula

As I began to personally experience the amazing and beautiful journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood; I discovered my passion to equip and support other families on their childbirth journey. With all this said, I am really excited to be a new addition to Orchard Births and become a Bilingual Childbirth Educator! I plan to further my education and become trained as a breastfeeding counselor and a birth doula in my near future.

Mexican American birth

I am Mexican-American and take pride in my roots. Both my mother and father are from Mexico and I grew up learning Spanish as my first language in our home. My parents taught me that we work hard and are dedicated to reach our goals. In other words, dream big! My parents have also taught me the importance of “la familia siempre esta unida y nos ayudamos uno al otro” which means, “family is always united and we are there for each other.” It is my desire to reach out and make a difference with in the Hispanic community, in hope of helping support and inform them in their native language.

Bilingual Breastfeeding