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Breastfeeding Consultation

Breastfeeding Professionals are trained specialists that help educate mothers on how to feed their babies to promote successful breastfeeding.  They help women manage common breastfeeding problems such as latch difficulties, nipple soreness, positioning, and low milk supply.


Breastfeeding Consultation Fee: $50/Hour*

Appointments can be made while still pregnant to help establish breastfeeding plan and receive support and information prior to birth.

Appointments are typically 1 to 2 hours in length.


  • visit in your home or location of choice (a low cost travel fee may incur if outside of professional's range of distance)

  • support for and assessment of latch, symptoms, and any problems occurring (experience in clogged ducts/mastitus, thrush, milk supply issues, nipple/breast pain and damage, and more)

  • weighted feedings, tongue and lip tie support, access to and information about breastfeeding supplies and tools

  • troubleshooting and building a plan for improvement or success

  • free phone and text support for established breastfeeding clients

  • community referrals when needed