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Sibling Doula

A Sibling Doula can help prepare your children for their new sibling and can support them during labor and birth of a new baby.

Many people live far away from family or their family isn't able to take time off from work. It can be challenging when thinking about who will care for their older child(ren) during mom's labor and delivery. Whether you are planning to include them in the birth process, having a reliable person available on short notice that understands the needs of your child(ren) is very important.

Sibling Doula Fee: $650*

Initial deposit of $325 due when contract is signed. Payment plans available.

Service Includes:

Free Consultation

It is very important that you, your partner, and your child(ren) are comfortable with me and with my role in the birth.

2 Prenatal Meetings

This gives us a chance to become more familiar with your plans for birth, postpartum and gather information relevant to the care of your child(ren). We will provide childbirth education unique to you child(ren)'s age and interest.

On-Call 24/7 Availibility Through Labor and Delivery

The on call period will start at 38 weeks of pregnancy. Once your are in labor and have contacted the doula she will remain with your child(ren) through labor, birth and immediate postpartum.

*This service qualifies for The Roots Program pricing.  Click here to find out more about this program.