The Roots Program

Providing community access to Orchard Births services to help strengthen families as they grow

The Roots Program

Our Company is passionate about assuring all families have access to birth services.  We know that there are circumstances that families may face that make affording quality doula care and services, like breastfeeding help or childbirth education, difficult or even impossible.

We are also concerned with lowering the rates and instances of maternal and infant mortality, especially in families of color, as well as perinatal mood disorders, birth trauma, and unnecessary cesareans in our communities and state.

With that in mind we have created The Roots Program.  This program provides these families with discounted or free services, as well as extended payment plans, from Orchard Births.

It is our hope that money doesn't have to prevent a family from reaching out for support and resources.

Please contact us to let us know how we can help your family grow.