I can't afford a Doula...


You've researched and done the pro/con list. You've discussed with your partner. You think a doula would make a great addition to your birth team. Deciding on a doula may be easy for the heart and brain…but what about the budget?

One of the number one reasons we hear for families not choosing a doula is the ability to pay for services, even though they would love to have one. With that in mind, we thought we would gather a list of ideas to help you troubleshoot adding an OB doula to your birth team.


Use your Flex Spending Account (FSA)/Health Savings Account (HSA)

Double check with the company providing your FSA or HSA, but doula services are commonly covered. We are equipped to take your FSA/HSA cards and provide you with documentation for reimbursement or proof of payment, if needed.


Insurance Reimbursements

Some insurance companies consider doula services a qualified item. Check with yours, and if covered, we can give you paperwork to help you file for reimbursement.


Health Sharing Ministry Reimbursement

Are you a part of a health sharing ministry? Some may help with doula care. For instance, Samaritan Ministries will reimburse doula expenses up to $500.


Tax Return

Many clients use their tax return to help pay for a doula. If you are waiting on this option, be sure to let us know so we can make sure there is a space saved for you on the calendar!


Set up a Payment Plan

We are always willing to work with families on paying out services. Just ask and let us get you started on a plan that works for you! The sooner the better to spread the payments and make it more affordable throughout your pregnancy.


Doula Registry

We have gift plans available, no matter if someone is contributing $5, $50, or $500. Family members and friends can give you the gift of Orchard Birth’s support before, during, and after arrival. This makes a great baby shower gift, as well!


Barter Goods and Services

Do you have a skillset or business that could help our company accomplish tasks, grow, or reach more families? Maybe you own a print shop or specialize in SEO. Let us know, and we will determine if it’s an option that will work for us.


And finally…


The Roots Program

Through The Roots Program, we offer discounted pricing to families who may not have the ability to pay full price for doula care or birth services. Community accessibility is important to us, and caring for families under all circumstances matters. Find out more about The Roots Program.


Contact us today to see if one of these ideas will work for your family!